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We may be biased but our employees truly are the best! With their combined skills and knowledge, you wont need to look further than the CU to help with your financial goals and success!

Our Team

In true Credit Union tradition, HCU has cultivated a staff of personal financial partners dedicated to your success. Each member-employee strives to serve its members through offering superior financial products and services. Our people are committed to you and your success and will always find the ways that make the most sense to help you reach your goals. We are “people helping people” and will continue to provide the financial services our members want.

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Horizon Credit Union Promotes the financial wellbeing of its members.

Horizon Credit Union has been providing personalized financial services for each member in an efficient, convenient, and caring manner for over 60 years. Our tradition has been to live by the credit union motto: “To promote thrift among its members by affording a means for saving and investing money, by procuring deposits or loans of funds upon the associated liability of its members, by furnishing advances or loans for productive, provident and remedial purposes, by promoting in a cooperative spirit the ideals of help for self-help, in the interest of its members.”


We are a credit union — a not-for-profit organization that provides financial services to its members. Our members (account holders) are the owners of the institution — unlike banks, who are owned by shareholders who expect high returns on their investment. We exist solely to serve you. What does this mean? Rather than worry about making money, we spend our time ensuring you spend less of yours. Profits made by the credit union are returned to the HCU member base in the form of lower rates, fewer fees and enhanced services.

COMMUNITY.  We are part of your community. We live where you do and we want to make banking convenient. Our staff is trained to call you by name.

EXPERTS. When you visit an HCU branch you can rest assured our staff will be armed with the knowledge needed to get you the products and services you require. If they don’t have an answer right then, they will always find the answers for you.

SAVINGS. Traditionally, credit unions pay higher interest rates on savings accounts.

MEMBER PERKS. Get member-only discounts, and benefits throughout the year. Last year, HCU Premiere Members were paid more than $20,000 in rebates. To find out more about membership benefits visit here: Member Relationships

JOIN. One Abraham Lincoln ($5) is all it takes to become a member. This opens your Share Savings account and the door to your financial future.

Our Story

On April 6, 1956, 12 visionary people attended a meeting held at Davis High School for the purpose of establishing a credit union for employees of the Davis County School District. Articles of Incorporation were presented at this meeting. The Credit Union would be called “Davis School District Employees Credit Union” with the original domicile of the business being Davis High School. The duration for this new entity was set at 100 years.

The purpose of the Credit Union would be to “promote thrift among its members by affording a means for saving and investing money, by procuring deposits or loans of funds upon the associated liability of its members, by furnishing advances or loans for productive, provident and remedial purposes, by promoting in a cooperative spirit the ideals of help for self help, in the interest of its members.”

An organization meeting was subsequently held on April 26, 1956. Twenty four persons attended. The initial deposits to the credit union were made on this date by 16 of the original members totaling $295.00.

Neale Davis was hired as the first full-time employee of the Credit Union seven years later in June of 1963. Under Neale’s direction, the Credit Union would grow from six hundred thousand dollars ($600K) to thirty million dollars ($30M) in assets. During his tenure of 30 years, the main office of the Credit Union would move from a small home in Farmington to a shared facility with the DEA, and later to our current three story location. The Bountiful and Clearfield offices would also be opened in 1982 and 1983 respectively. Members from both ends Davis County could now have access to their funds and Credit Union services.

Today, the Credit Union stands as evidence of strong volunteer leadership, faithful employees and devoted member participation since its inception. We are well capitalized and hold $144 million dollars in assets. We are the beneficiaries of a lot of work by many people. Branches have been opened in Kaysville and West Point in order to provide a reasonable access distance for our members in Davis County. Recently, our Bountiful office was relocated to Woods Cross — just one mile south. We continue to be financially well positioned and growing at a steady pace. We look forward to where our Credit Union will go and we are certain the future will be bright.


For more than 20 years, Horizon Credit Union has provided new shoes to hundreds of under-served Utah youth. Horizon Credit Union has joined with volunteers and other credit unions to “Warm the Soles” of children and youth throughout our membership area of Davis, Weber and Morgan counties.

This need has increased each year. Our members have helped us meet that need. Last year we provided over 900 pair of shoes to under privileged youth. Randy Gailey, CEO of Horizon Credit Union said, “Every year the need seems to grow, and every year we seem to have more donations, more volunteers, and ultimately more happy kids.”

It’s our way of giving back to the communities we serve. Each year, the credit union raises money during the holiday season. Our hope is to receive donations year round. Members can rest assured that 100% of their donation to Warm the Soles stays local and goes towards shoes for kids in need.

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Horizon Credit Union serves individuals who live, work, worship or go to school in Davis, Morgan and Weber counties. Membership is also extended to immediate family members of our current membership as well as associations, clubs, or businesses associated with those eligible for membership. For information on business members, please contact a member service representative at (801)-451-5064.