Q2 Newsletter April

A message from your CEO Dear Member Many of us are emerging from the winter hibernation inside the house and enjoy the spring weather that provides an opportunity to get out and experience the renewal... Learn More 

January Newsletter

A message from your CE0 Dear Member, Happy New Year. I hope your 2024 is starting off well. This has traditionally been a time to reset, refocus or make other adjustments in our lives to... Learn More 

Why We Celebrate International Credit Union Day

Since 1948, credit unions will celebrate International Credit Union Day®. This year it’s on October 19th. Often appearing as the unsung heroes among financial institutions, credit unions use this worldwide event to highlight their commitment... Learn More 

10 Ways for Students to Save on Spring Break

Spring break is a tradition that most students want to add to their college experience. Whether it’s visiting a popular hot spot or exploring someplace off the beaten path, it’s a chance to create fun... Learn More 

October Newsletter

A Message From Your CEO Dear Member, We are excited that the renovation of the Clearfield branch is continuing to move forward. Most of the demolition is completed and we are starting to see the... Learn More 

5 Tips to Curb Overspending

Nothing beats the joy of treating yourself! Many people feel drawn to the thrill of buying new items, pampering services, or tasty meals. However, overspending can become a financial problem when you’re not keeping track... Learn More 

Are HELOCs A Good Idea These Days?

Debt is the wealth killer. You’ve heard this piece of advice repeated in a million different corners of financial news. You’ve read articles telling you to get rid of all your debt in order to... Learn More 

Stuck at Home? Spend Your Time Productively

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on normal life around the world. Major retailers and small businesses are closing their doors; leisure travel has almost ground to a halt; the stock market is bearing the brunt of... Learn More