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Account to Account Transfers (A2A)

Horizon Credit Union members can now transfer funds to and from other U.S. financial institutions through our Online Banking service. Just log in to your Online Banking account, click on the Accounts tab, then select Account To Account Transfer from the drop-down menu. Transfer funds must be generated FROM a checking account and can be applied TO a savings or checking account. You can only set up transfers to/from accounts where you have the authority to transfer funds. Reminder: Funds can be transferred from a savings or an eligible loan to a checking account before sending a transfer.

To get started to use this feature, you need to first setup an account. We need to know some information about the account at the other financial institution before we are able to use that account. During the account setup process, we verify you have authority to access the other account for your security protection. Download the form below and bring it to any branch. Any member service representative can assist you.

A2A Transfer Authorization Form